Portal Instructions

Portal Instructions:

  • Please note that whenever you upload or download any document utilizing the portal an email is sent to my office.
  • To log into the portal you will need to have an email address and password. You can also request a password reset.
  • Before placing any documents in the portal set up a folder for the current calendar year.  Create subfolders as appropriate.
  • When placing documents in the portal please try to send all documents in a single scan if possible and place upload them to the appropriate folder.
  • Our office will get an email notification once you are done uploading.
  • When the return is completed you will need to take the following steps:

1 - Review your tax return.  It can be downloaded whenever you want and will remain accessible for a period of 7 years along with your tax documents and any other material provided to the office when preparing your tax return.

2- If you are satisfied with the return please download the Federal Electronic Filing Form, State Electronic Filing form (if applicable), and any local efile forms (if applicable).  Also download the engagement letter. 

3 - Please sign all the electronic filing forms and the engagement letter and upload back into the portal.

4 - Use the Pay my fee button to remit a payment. 

Returns will not be electronically filed if we do not have all forms signed including engagment letter and payment has been remitted.

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